Prepare Your Little One For the Real World With Our Karate Classes

At Black Belt Power, our classes go beyond the punches and kicks, and we always look at our students' long-term progress. Every martial arts session will help your child develop respect, discipline, focus, self-defence, mental awareness, self-confidence, and other essential life skills so they can do well in and out of class. 

We have divided our Kids Karate into appropriate age groups so each student can excel in the best way possible.

  • From Age 3 To 5 (Little Dragons)
  • From Age 6 To 8 (Young Jedi's)
  • From Age 9 To 13 (Juniors)
  • From Age 9 To 13 (Kickboxing)
  • From Age 9 To 13 (MMA)
  • From Age 9 To 13 (Fitness)

Professionally Crafted Programs To Turn Your Child into a Champion!

With perseverance, consistency, and patience, your little ninja will be on the way to living a healthy, disciplined, and well-rounded life. 

Little Dragons (Ages 3 to 5)

  • Jumpstart your child's success with our dynamic syllabus 
  • Let them express pent-up energy in a productive manner
  • Watch as they build confidence and learn respect towards others.

Young Jedi's (Ages 6 to 8)

  • A perfect place to form good behaviour and values
  • Kids can strengthen fitness, endurance and sharpen life skills
  • They will learn anti-bullying, bullying prevention, stranger awareness, and strategic self-protection techniques

Juniors (Ages 9 to 13)

  • Watch your junior practice real-life self-defence situations
  • Witness their confidence and self-esteem improve
  • Deepen further their self-discipline and mental focus

Kids Kickboxing & MMA

  • A fun and action-packed way to get fit and lean
  • Shape their character, practice sportsmanship, and humility
  • Watch as they improve their social interaction and leadership skills